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Contemporary Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography in Lancashire. Based in Wrea Green, near Lytham, between Preston and Blackpool in the North West of England.

Photographs are documented with minimal intrusion, capturing the images, on location, in a relaxed informal manner. A contemporary, documentary style for the modern couple.

You really don't need to understand the different disciplines of photography (documentary, reportage, contemporary or indeed traditional), be concerned with all the work that goes into creating a photograph, need to know focal lengths or how light falls to appreciate beauty.

I regard photography as an art form. I truly believe what I do is art. It is something to be beholden over time. Like beauty, photographs should age gracefully. You fall in love with them more as you get to know them.

Some of the best photographs in the world are not the ones of beautiful people. They are of moments. They are of catching something that the photographer saw. They are of unbridled laughter, the tears held back, the apprehension of the moment, the happiest of places and the feelings of a heart. The photographs that endure say everything without words.

They hold on to a commodity that no one can ever buy back. Time.

For that, your photographs of a day that means so much to you, with people you love and who love you more than you could imagine, celebrating something very unique in your life should not be dismissed as just another tick in a box.

That day will only ever happen once. It is Your Story.

The art is in telling your story with more than words. Telling your story with photographs so that you never forget the laughter, tears, apprehension, places and feelings.

Anyone can take a picture. Not everyone can make a picture. Not everyone can tell a story.

Your Story. Your Day.

ShutterLeaf Photography

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