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Wedding Photographer Lancashire

I'm Anurag Sharma.

I'm a photographer, lover of weddings, father to two wonderful children, husband to an amazing wife, film buff, beach fan, story teller, spotify subscriber, coffee drinker, hugging expert and part time rubber band flicker.

Thank you for visiting ShutterLeaf Photography.


This is what I do

1) Photograph Weddings & Pre Wedding Shoots

2) Provide Photo Shoots for Families & Children

3) Provide Photographic Training

4) Make coffee 4 different ways


Let's see if I can help you

On this site, you will find:

1) Photographs documenting, naturally, wonderful human people types who love a giggle, cry sometimes, feel loved, smile lots, look awesome and possibly hug (sometimes they skip but not at the same time).

2) Enquiry forms so you can ask me how I can help document your giggles, tears, love, smiles, awesomeness - well you get the gist.


Story Driven

Primarily, I am a story driven, documentary led wedding photographer. Sounds like a bit of a title doesn't it? Yes it is but it accurately describes what I do.

I am, by nature, an observer. My photographic style owes it all to visual story telling.

What I aim to give every one of my clients is a legacy. Photographs that will be handed down the generations.

This is as true of the natural wedding photography, I do, as it is of the relaxed photo shoots, I undertake. 

There are plenty of photographs, within this website, which will give you a very good idea of who I am, what I do and what I provide. My approach, like my ethos, is simple. It's Your Story, Your Day.


Want to know more?

If you like:

1) My work

2) What you've read so far


Then give me an idea of what you would like my services for:

Weddings & Pre-Weddings

Familes/Children Photo Shoots



I am based in Wrea Green, near Lytham, in Lancashire, England.

If you are local and can spare the time, why not meet me for a coffee (or tea) & a chat. That way you can ask me anything you want & gauge if I'm for you.


Thank you for looking at my work & I hope to speak with you soon.

Best wishes,